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OREA Winter Newsletter

A message from OREA President Dawn Cope

Wow, where did 2023 go?? This past year has been a very productive and busy year for OREA. We accomplished so much in the campground, first by adding 3 new 12’ x 24’ corrals to 3 campsites. Two of these sites had no picket poles so they were not usable sites. Also making site #1 a pull through for easy parking! We also have submitted a plan to revamp the campground sites to make them much more user friendly as we move forward with the reservation system in spring 2024.


We are working with the DNR to improve our staging/day use area. This will give our day users a solid and convenient place to park and keep the campground clear for anyone wanting to camp. The improvements will include a pit toilet and plenty of room for large and small trailers to maneuver and park. The plan will also include a separate parking area for hikers and hunters.


We have almost completed clearing a new section of trail that will add 1.2 miles to our trail system. This trail is through hardwoods with some beautiful views of the stream and wetlands. I’m sure this will be a favorite trail of many! We are waiting for DNR funds to finish this project, hopefully it will be ready to open in spring 2024. The DNR repaired the west side of the river crossing between marker #1 and #2. We were also able to add addition support to the bridge to trail 3A so everyone can feel safe as they cross. No more wiggling!!! To see a full list of OREA’s 2023 Accomplishments with pictures, please visit our website at


The DNR has been truly supportive of OREA and we could not have done ANY of these things without our amazing partnership with them!  If you run into any DNR employees, please thank them for all they do to keep our trails and campground looking good and running smoothy!


This past year said goodbye to our long-time treasurer Val Pfeiffer. Val has been OREA’s treasurer since OREA was formed in 1998. That’s 25 years of continuous service!!!! WOW, thank you Val for your dedication and devotion to OREA! Fortunately, our Vice President Tracie Krings volunteered to take over the treasurer’s position. Tracie filled the position well until October we she decided to step away from her OREA responsibilities. Val and Tracie, thank you, we will miss you both and wish you all the best in the future!  Luckily with a little arm twisting 😜 we had two members step up and fill the open board positions! In October, we welcomed Vera Kraft as our new Vice President and Steve Keim as our new treasurer!



A HUGE THANK YOU to each of our members, board members, sponsors, all who made donations, and our DNR partners. We could not have accomplished all we did in 2023 without each of you and your help and support.  It has been a great year!!! I’m excited and can’t wait to see what 2024 will bring!


I hope to see you on the trails at Hadley Hills!!!


Dawn Cope

OREA President

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