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Meet Our Sponsors & Donors

OREA wouldn't exist without the generous support of our sponsors and donors. We're grateful for the local merchants, service providers, groups, and individuals that believe in our organization and support us year after year.


Love horses and what we do here at OREA?! Become a sponsor or donor TODAY!

Shiawassee Trail Riders Association

Riding with Friends since 1961! Shiawassee Trail Riders Association (STR) shares friendship, horseback (and mule) riding, campfires and potlucks throughout Michigan and beyond. They help other riding associations that work on trails, who provide youth opportunities to learn about horses, and various other non-profit equine assistance programs.

Camping destinations are determined by where members want to go. In 2023, STR camped at Ortonville / Hadley Hills, Waterloo, Elk Hill Group Camp, Black Lake Trail Camp, Heritage Hills, Bay de Noc / Grand Island Trail, Pine Marten Run, Luzerne, South Branch, and Timber Ridge & Bandy Creek in the Big South Fork in Tennessee. You can help choose future destinations.


You must be a paying member of Shiawassee Trail Riders to join/belong to their Facebook group. Send any questions about Shiawassee Trail Riders to

Horsehoodies Business Card Front 2024-03-09.jpg
Horsehoodies Business Card Back 2024-03-09.jpg
Horsehoodies front 2024-03-09.jpg
Horsehoodies back 2024-03-09.jpg

HORSEHOODIES approached us at the 2024 Michigan Horse Expo offering to contribute one of their Horsehoodies for one of our upcoming events. (Poker Ride on May 25th.) We chatted with them and found out a few things. Beth and Dyan designed the original Horsehoodie as well as all of the other items in their inventory. Every one of their items is hand cut and hand sewn by them in Michigan and Ohio and sourced from materials from the USA. Given the amount of inventory they had at the Expo, we were quite impressed. Need something custom made - give them a call. We are thankful that they donated one of their beautiful hand-crafted Horsehoodies for YOU to bid on at the Silent Auction at the OREA Poker Ride!!!

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