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New Year's Eve Reflections (A Thanks-a-thon)

As we end the year virtually sitting around the Community Bonfire, we wanted to remember back over the year to those who contributed to our successes in 2023.

We would first like to express our gratitude to those who chose to participate in our Work Bees (when they could have done other fun things instead). Thank you Kenny Whitaker, Tracie & Kevin Krings, Amy Sharman-Burgdolf, Rick Kukuk, Dave Stark, and Karen DeOrnellas for helping clear trail and work on the campground, trails, and day use area during our Work Bees. Thank you also to everyone who did things to make our trails and gathering areas better on their own initiative. Every twig clipped when you are riding contributes!

A special thank you to those who took a day out to be judges at our Judged Trail Ride. Also a big THANKS goes out to the support team for the Judged Trail Ride and Poker Ride. These events would not have happened without you. We also appreciate all of you that participated in the rides. It is no fun to put on an event and have nobody show up! (We do these for you to have fun and enjoy the trails.)

Next we would like to thank those who ride our trails and use the campground and day use area. You are the reason we feel it is important to be OREA. We hope to see you back out here in 2024! Bring friends. Make memories!

Thanks to you for reading this and to all who have been out to our Facebook group and/or website. An extra thanks to those who contributed ideas, insights, and solutions!

No less important are those who have contributed money to help us make the changes to the Ortonville Recreation Area. We thank those who have made Membership donations (i.e. joined OREA as paying members). Thank you to those that contributed to our Giving Tuesday fundraiser and others that contributed their cold hard cash throughout. A special Thank you to the Shiawassee Trail Riders and all of their members for thinking we were worthy of their generous donation.

Special thanks to Amy, Donna, and Ang as well as so many others who have given us their time, their inspiration, and their encouragement.

Words cannot express how grateful we are to our partners at the DNR! Todd, Stephanie, Kenny, and Ryan - you go above and beyond to make the equestrian facilities the best they can be!! We feel so fortunate to be part of your team as well as having you on ours.

We also want to thank each member of the OREA Board of Directors who also fit into most of the categories mentioned so far (except being DNR). Thank you Scott, Dawn, Lise, Vera, Robin, Tamra, Val, Tracie, and Steve for the untold hours you have put in this year and throughout the many years you have contributed. Your dedication continues to inspire each of us to make the future better.

As good as 2023 was, let's make 2024 even better!

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